due to the impact of covid-19, bridger brewing will be available for take-out only.

Due to an order issued by the Gallatin City-County Health Department, Bridger Brewing will be closing its dining room until further notice.

During this time, we will offer take-out service for food and growlers here at the brewery. Here’s how it works: order from the special menu posted on our website and call us at 406.587.2124 to place your order.

Growlers fills are available based on current beer selection. Kegs are available for pickup as well; call for availability. IDs will be checked at time of pick-up. Growlers brought in for refill will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before use. Orders will be taken between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Please know that we are taking this situation very seriously and will adhere to stringent cleaning and food safety guidelines, as we always do. Our community means everything to us, and we look forward to continuing to serve you during this time.

Thank you for your continued support. Happy social distancing and we cannot wait to see you all back in the brewery soon!

Inaugural Concert with Pinky and the Floyd
Inaugural Concert with Pinky and the Floyd
Inaugural Concert with Pinky and the Floyd

Inaugural Concert with Pinky and the Floyd

August 26, 2022
8:00 pm
11:00 pm
Doors open at 6:30
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We are so excited to announce that we are kicking off live music in Three Forks with our good friends, Pinky and the Floyd! Our inaugural show will be on August 26th at our beautiful new Three Forks location with full stage, dynamic light show and the crushing sound of Pinky & the Floyd lighting up the night. Come enjoy all your favorite Bridger Brewing brews, beautiful mountain views, live music, great food and friends.

Doors will open at 6:30 with Pinky hitting the stage at 8:00. There will be food trucks, indoor and outdoor bar service, and plenty of parking so grab some friends and head out to Three Forks for some great times.

This show is just the start of an amazing up and coming music scene at our Three Forks location, located at 10715 Highway 287. Keep an eye out for a full lineup of shows next year! But don’t miss the first one!

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